American Blues

by The Star Killers

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released March 30, 2013

All songs written and recorded by The Star Killers

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Cody Landers at his home in Arlington, Tennessee



all rights reserved


The Star Killers Memphis, Tennessee

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Track Name: Dallas
I don't fight fair in fist fights,
I prefer to drink alone.
My heart is stuck in Memphis,
but Dallas is my home.

I have run-ins with the law,
I have scars I can't explain.
I've been from here to Houston,
Southbound on the interstate.

I don't fight fair in fist fights,
When I'm fighting over you,
So tell me what to do.

I entertain this notion
Of fighting to the death,
In a bar behind the train tracks,
So cold I can see my breath.

But I'm only shadowboxing myself
Inside my head,
Trading blows behind my eyelids
'till I ain't got nothing left.
Track Name: Love Song Blues
Put me in a bed of roses, it'll end my suffering,
Because there are ghosts inside this city and they love to hear me scream.

I've got a baby to take care of,
And she's feelin' pretty weak.
Stay the hell away from me,
I need something to help me sleep.

It gets cold this side of springtime, I can feel it in my bones.
It's the way you make me shiver, with your dulcet vocal tones.

I've got poison in my veins,
And you're the one to blame.
Stay the hell away from me and I won't have to feel that pain.

A lot of folks'll tell you I just wanna make her mine,
but I'm the one who won't because she just wants to waste her time.

I've got patience on my side,
but it's a long hard ride.
Stay the hell away from me and I won't have to see that side.

I call this one my love song blues.
Don't feel like it's directed at you.
I need some distance, Lord I need some peace.
Love will never help me slay this beast.
Track Name: Cancer Is My Best Friend
cancer is my bestest friend,
we do arts and crafts and we play pretend.
chemicals are there for me through and through,
they bring me flowers and they make me campbell's soup.

and I can't say that for anyone else

my stomach's in my head and my head's in my heart and my heart's in my throat and my guts are all falling apart.
as clean as a doctor's office smelling of bleach, my insides are sick as sick can be

and I can't say that for anyone else
Track Name: Typical Tuesday
I was made to chase the dark.
You were made to harbor light.
I never fail to bring you harm.
Oh, my never-failing light.

I just want to follow you.
Lead me out where they had parked,
but stay the night and make me new
when we get lost inside the dark.
Inside the dark.

Pull me down beside the street,
All my color rushing out.
I'm sorry that I brought your feet
Along the path I lost mine down.
Track Name: Pardoner's Tale
The hallways are crawling with roaches,
and each day, as darkness approaches,
more snakes crawl from your mouth to my ears.

All the priest were on the knees,
I met faith and it robbed me clean (make me clean).

Even statues were built with their flaws.
If these walls could open their jaws,
They'd choke with disgust when you spoke.

what have you taught but to lie...
on your back
Track Name: Lynchpin
I was the earth,
You were the sun.
You spun like a compass
Around all that I've done.
I know I've failed, but I tried my best.
If only I could touch the hem of your dress.

I was a pivot,
You were a lynchpin.
You don't know the words,
but you like how we bend.
You don't know me now, but you know who I've been.
If you could stay you could love me again.

Life is a game of interpreting scars.
The bruises on my face and the lines lines on your arms.
I haven't forgotten you need carrying, too;
I'm the heaviest burden that ever you knew.
Track Name: Vampiretown
Turn me into a plastic cup,
Take me down, say "Never enough."
I want you to come make me numb,
And pour me into a plastic cup.

You're my bottle, I'm this shelf,
You're my ticket straight to hell.
I will keep you in my pocket,
You're the one thing I won't sell.
Will you take me home?

You come walk around with me,
Break my knuckles, rot my teeth.
Pull me out from all my seams,
I want you to walk around with me this day.
Track Name: Shakedown (The Bootscoot Breakdown)
The devil's got a hold on me,
Tie my wrists and bind my feet together.
Oh, God, you tie me like a fetter,
But I hope the medicine makes me better for you.

God, I know you try your best but there's a war inside my chest and I'm losing.

The devil's got a hold on me,
Tie my wrists and bind my feet together.

But ain't no devil got a hold on me!
Track Name: Call It Quits
Baby, won't you quit this,
haunting of my living room?
It takes all of my head not to get stuck in your american blues.

Baby, won't you call it quits?
Or I'll hang on like a summer tick.
I will bleed you dry,
I'm a loving parasite.

Baby won't you quit this,
ghosting and leave me be?
Because my sockets,
are like faucets;
I'm smoking 'till my insides bleed.
Track Name: Vertical Cities
We built ourselves up to the sky.
You cut us down when we were in our prime.

We stood for as long as we could.

Stop! Stop!
You can't do this.
Stop! !top!
You can't do this to me.

We stood as long as we could and then you cut us down.
Track Name: Thank You Mr. Durden
Cover me in kisses,
Bury me in lye.
There's strange fruit hanging
From the forest in my mind;
They're always watching.

Cartographer of myelin,
I tread around my thoughts
And chase event-horizons.
I'm as good as lost;
I always watch.

When I get back home
From the void outside your room,
You lay me in the foyer.
Bring me back now, no matter what.

I'm so afraid...

I'm so afraid that there's no one here with me.
Track Name: The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf
He lit a match and held it to my lips,
lighting a pleasure in the form of a woman
who was everything that I had ever dreamed of and more.
He said,

"Your lungs are a sugar-coated basin of lust and smoke,
and a storm is coming like you've never seen it..."

"Do you think that God can carry you?"

"Life is suffering, death is brief, so smother all your grief."

He tempts me...

"Faith is taxing, love exhausts, so put up stands across
from all the pictures you'll ever need to never feel alone."

" you think that God can carry you?"

The devil himself says I won't get in,
there's no way in hell I'm going to heaven.

But I want to be the cattle that obeys the master's prod,
telling God of the devil, and the devil of God.
It vexes me completely, it seems so odd,
that I should fear the devil when the devil fears my God.
Track Name: Ent
With a crooked trunk, striving to grow,
Flung from heaven,
to the wood below.

My crooked branches, hands of thorns bear no fruit.
Black vines and vultures (with saw-toothed mouths)
Following me to the valley, you said you'd be there,
but you're not, so where are you now?
Did you know I'd forfeit my body when you bled to win the crown for me?

So hurl me down,
I only speak when you pull of my leaves.
Tied to the ground, bleeding and screaming;
I'm roots from a seed.
Ropes growing down out of my feet;
to this prison I'm bound.
My savior! My savior!
"Depart from me!"

I know I've built this anchor,
I tied it to my neck.
There are boards over my eyes,
and there's no light in the cracks.

I don't know my own name, in You I am new.

"Depart from me; I never knew you."
Track Name: Epilogue
I haven't forgotten the spots around our soul,
reaching in to make us whole...
I know about Your wondrous love.

But I'm still cursing, I'm still lying,
Smoking, drinking, trying to be good...
even though I stole my Mother's car...
I got a tattoo, can I be good enough for you?

"No, my child; you never will be...
you'll never be good, you'll never be clean, you'll never be worth a thing. That's why you have Me."