Little Moses​/​The Star Killers Split

by Little Moses & The Star Killers

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released 19 July 2014



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Track Name: Little Moses - Jail Song
Life, that's what they gave me, life,
for cutting that man with a knife.
But now I have three square meals everyday.
Oh and shame,
that's what my family gave when they saw me led away.
But now I have three square meals everyday.

I don't know where I would be, if I wasn't here;
I don't know who I would be, the road's never been too clear.

Socks, now I finally got some socks.
They cover my toes and they're nice and soft,
and I can sleep at night and not be woke,
by the sound of thunder, glorious thunder.
Oh, it shakes me to my bones.
But now I have a home.
Track Name: Little Moses - Straight and Narrow
I was outside when my dad got home
from getting laid off three years ago.
And with a full brown bag in his hands,
he said, "Son, this is the promised land."
We drank until we cried that night,
and I learned so much about his life.
As I stared into his swollen eyes,
I saw a part of me I didn't like.


Well we drove a little white car way out west;
me to remember and him to forget.
I drove that little car right off the road
and we ended up in a bank of snow.
We drank until we cried that night.
We haggled with some Iranian guy.
And at a hotel called The Northern Lights,
I found out my dad was a pretty cool guy.


It was raining as we flew back home.
We ditched the car in Chicago.
The bruises and the burns will heal,
But the memories we made never will.
When I laid my weary head to bed,
My dad popped his in and he said...

"Stay the straight and narrow boy, Let your path be true.
Everything that you could fuck up I have gone and done for you.
You and your brother haven't got a clue,
You just stay the straight and narrow boy. "
Track Name: The Star Killers - Black Poppy Wine
Black poppy wine, I know you:
Crushed and bitter; dark and fine.
Melt in a glass bowl,
Bring me down low.

Black poppy wine, I know you:
Be a needle; come push it through.
Hit my mouth like a freight train,
Rot me out from inside my veins.

Because when I'm sleeping,
I don't dream anymore without dying at the end.
Track Name: The Star Killers - Esau
I have always loved you, or at least at first I did.
The night I saw you dying with your wet pack of cigarettes,
with the porch lights out, I started running to the back yard fence.
If I could make it to the other side, I thought I'd never see you again.

Every good thing goes
Every good boy grows to hate his own good son

Brother, you left all your friends on the barber's floor when you cut your hair.
And if I had cracked your ribs while I swung at you in the winter air
then I'd find nothing but a stomach full of liquor, a cavity there,
where you'd sold your precious organs to pay your cross-town fare.